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Head Teacher:  Mr D Barrow

Deputy Head Teacher:  Mrs M Baker

Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Coordinator:  Mrs A Eastham


Phase Leader:  Mrs R Fenner


Teachers:  Mrs R Fenner and Mrs J Ashley

Teaching Assistant: Miss S Taylor


Teachers:  Ms J Kelly and Mrs N Forde

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs P Crowe and Mrs S Taylor


Phase Leader:  Miss L Tonge

Year 1

Teacher:  Miss E Cossins

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs J Powell, Mrs D Barker, Mrs H Edmunds and Mrs G Elliott

Year 2

Teacher:  Miss L Tonge

Teaching Assistant:  Mrs S Kettle


Phase Leader:  Mrs C Tennant

Year 3

Teachers:  Mrs C Tennant, Miss K Baker and Miss K Harrison

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs P Bryans, Mrs L Challinor and Mrs C Hadfield

Year 4

Teachers:  Miss J Taylor and Miss A Perkins

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs N Bramwell, Mrs R Gibbins and Miss K Harrison

Year 5

Teacher:  Mr D Sharp

Teaching Assistants:  Ms N Whitehouse and Mrs J Shilton

Year 6

Teachers:  Miss L Eggleton and Mr A Lee

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs L Nicholds, Mrs R Snow and Mrs J Thompson

Non-class-based Staff

Teachers:  Mrs H Kirk, Mrs E McPherson and Mrs S Pollard

Teaching Assistants:  Miss S Bull, Mrs R Gibbins and Mr N Jones

Office Staff

School Business Manager:  Mrs C Weir

Office Manager:  Mr A Aston

Admin Officer:  Mrs S Clark


Senior Midday Supervisor:  Mrs J Merry

Midday Supervisors:  Mrs D Barker, Mrs P Bryans, Mrs P Crowe, Miss S Curry, Miss H Edmunds, Mrs H Edmunds, Mrs C Hadfield, Mrs D Khan, Mrs R Lawrence, Mrs L Payne, Mrs N Roberts, Mrs S Savin, Mrs R Snow, Mrs C Solloway and Mrs S Taylor

Kitchen Staff

Cook in Charge:  Mrs H Neale

Kitchen Assistants:  Miss R Greenfield and Mrs S Wrather

School Maintenance

Caretaker:  Mr A Haines

Cleaning Supervisor:  Mrs S Margetts

Cleaners:  Miss S Curry, Mrs K Darmanin, Mrs M English, Mrs C Solloway and Mr R Wright

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