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As part of the Warwickshire Primary Partnership, we work together to employ, deploy and provide CPD for LLEs and SLEs.  The leaders of both primary Teaching Schools are National Leaders in Education and are both supporting schools within Warwickshire and neighbouring authorities.

We have access to a range of support mechanisms, including:

  • Subject-specific support
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Leadership support
  • Rapid Action Planning
  • Chairing task groups
  • Pupil Premium reviews

We are very keen to draw on the expertise of other professionals and to target the right support where it is needed.  Quite often, we will deploy that support so that good practice from other professionals is disseminated more widely.

Both Teaching Schools sit on the County Area Analysis Groups, which in turn look at data patterns and schools that may, on paper, need support or intervention.  We then bring our local knowledge of these schools to ensure that support is appropriate and timely.

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