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Welcome to Nursery


We are very proud of our Nursery, which is warm, safe and secure, and very much a part of our school. The school nursery has been reformed in the last year in response to the impact lockdowns have had on the early experiences of the children, supporting an environment for accelerated progress in their social, emotional and communication development.


The Nursery is part of our fantastic early years unit, led by experienced and talented qualified teachers who have created a magical and imaginative learning environment which enables all the children to flourish.  The children are also well supported by fully qualified and experienced teaching assistants.  Together, these adults ensure the children progress not only socially and emotionally, but academically too. 


The Nursery is also able to access the school’s resources, such as the library and lovely outdoor areas.

Children can join our Nursery from the age of three, but most commonly start the term following their third birthday.  Children whose third birthday falls on or before 31st August usually join us in the autumn term; those whose third birthday falls on or before 31st December usually join in the spring term; and those whose third birthday falls on or before 31st March usually join in the summer term. There are occasions where the school will admit children who have just turned three, or their birdays are close to the deadlines above. The school office can advise parents on how they could access Nursery provision for their child in these cases.


If you would like to visit our Nursery, please contact the school office who will be happy to arrange a convenient time for you to look around.  Enquiries about the availability of Nursery places should also be made to the school office.


To make an application for a Nursery place at St John’s, you will need to complete an application form. Please find a link to our application form at the bottom of the page.