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Leadership Team


Head Teacher:  Mr A Lee

Assistant Head Teachers: Mrs A. Eastham and Mr A Satchwell

S.T.E.M and Wellbeing Lead: Mrs C Tennant

SENDCo (EYFS and KS1):  Mrs E Wilson

English and Initial Teacher Training Lead: Mrs L. Feldman



Early Years Foundation Stage



Teacher:  Mrs R Fenner 

Learning Support  Assistants: Miss C Moss & Miss S Taylor



Teacher:  Miss L. Tench

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs P Crowe


Key Stage One


Year 1

Teacher:  Ms J Kelly & Mrs J Ashley

Learning Support Assistants: Miss S Kerr & Mrs J Powell


Year 2

Teacher:  Mrs E Wilson & Mr S McKenzie

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs N Roberts & Mrs J Thompson


Key Stage Two


Year 3

Teachers:  Miss K Baker 

Learning Support Assistants: Ms S Kettle, Mrs E Wheatley & Miss E O'Neill


Year 4

Teachers:  Miss Scattergood

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs G Elliott, Mrs H Edmunds, Mrs D Barker & Miss E O'Neill


Year 5

Teachers:  Mrs Blakemore

Learning Support Assistants: Ms H Edmunds & Mrs R Gibbins


Year 6

Teachers:  Mr A Satchwell,  Mrs C Tennant & Miss J Taylor

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs R Snow & Mrs P Bryans


Non-Class-Based Staff

Teachers:  Mrs L Feldman

Nurture Specialist Learning Support Assistants: Mrs R Gibbins and Mr N Jones


Office Staff

Office Manager:  Mrs J Gale

Admin Officers:  Mrs S Clark & Mrs A Murphy



Senior Midday Supervisor:  Mrs C Hadfield

Midday Supervisors:  Mrs D Barker, Mrs P Crowe, Miss H Edmunds, Mrs H Edmunds, Mrs D Khan, Mrs N Roberts, Mrs R Snow, Mrs S Taylor, Mrs L Challinor, Mrs S McDonnell, Mrs S Kerr


Kitchen Staff

Cook in Charge:  Mrs H Neale

Kitchen Assistants:  Miss R Greenfield and Mrs S Wrather


School Maintenance

Caretaker:  Mr A Haines

Cleaners:  Goldcrest

Midday Cleaner: Mrs K Darmanin